The Material and Construction (M&C) Defects Chapter makes extensive reference to defects in the double submerged-arc weld (DSAW) seam of line pipe. This segment provides details on the production of DSAW pipe by reference to videos located on external websites. Further information on the steps in producing modern pipe other than by the DSAW process can be found in the QR Segment titled the steps involved in pipe making.

Click here for the steps involved in Pipe Making.

Interested readers can find instructive details concerning the making of steel for use in line pipes by accessing the following links:

Those interested in the production of DSAW pipe which involves straight and spiral seams can find useful related details by accessing the following links:

(general applicability)


Discussion of the DSAW process as applied to girth / tie-in welds can be found at the following links:


(tie in girth)

Many more videos can be found on the internet through selective use of keywords.